Pennsylvania Town Demands That 'Ugly' Christmas Tree Be Replaced

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Pennsylvania Town Demands That 'Ugly' Christmas Tree Be Replaced

The sad "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree ruining the holiday spirit in a Pennsylvania town will come down after disgruntled residents complained that the tree was too ugly to be on display.
During a recent tree lighting, many Reading residents called the 50-foot Norwood spruce "pathetic," "horrible," and even "pitiful."
One resident told local news station WFMZ that not even a squirrel would take up residence in the tree.
According to the city's Downtown Improvement District, the sad looking spruce was a last-minute replacement taken from a city park.
The city had planned to get its tree from a nearby farm, but when the crews went to pick it up, the owner wouldn't let them drive on the wet ground.
Following the cries to take the tree down, a group led by City Council President Francis Acosta began raising money to purchase decorations and a new, better-looking tree.
"My family will be paying for the tree," Acosta told WFMZ, "The community, business owners, and others will be paying for the decorations."
City officials are hoping to have a do-over tree-lighting ceremony once the new pine is in place.
As for the poor ugly tree, it will be donated to a local business after the replacement tree arrives.