Potato-wielding bandit successfully robs business of its counterfeit $20 bill

Will Lerner
Odd News

If you like stories involving potatoes, you’re going to like this story a latke. On Tuesday afternoon (Tuesday, not Friesday), a man carrying a potato disguised as a gun tried robbing two businesses in Providence, Rhode Island’s Charles neighborhood. As WPRI 12 News reports, this thief is Tater Not good at robbing places.


The suspect, still unidentified, went into a convenience store and allegedly shouted, “Give me the money.” The store’s manager decided that instead of putting money in the man’s hand, he’d rather put a bat in the man’s face. The store manager says he chased the suspect away with a baseball bat. One must think that the manager is au grateful it wasn’t a more serious threat. That pun was kind of subtle, so stop complaining and keep reading.


It was only minutes later that the suspect showed up at a nearby dry cleaning business. The clerk there told police the potato-wielding thief yelled, “I need the money.” The clerk then promptly gave the man a counterfeit $20 bill from a decoy cash register before he walked away. Interesting that he walked away. I would have thought he would have spud away. Keep reading, keep reading.


Both the dry cleaning business and the convenience store have surveillance systems, but no arrests have been made. The suspect was described by the convenience store manager as a, “white or light-skinned Hispanic male and was about 5’7” tall. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans.” The clerk also described him as being in his 20’s and that he had “white lips.” I didn’t include any puns in this paragraph because I didn’t want to re-hash these terrible jokes…whoops.

I hope you didn’t po-hate-o the pun-tatoes.

More info: WPRI