Researchers Identify Dance Moves That Men Can Use to Attract Women

Researchers Identify Dance Moves That Men Can Use to Attract Women

The human species has been known to attract mates using the art of dance. Some are better at this technique than others, and now we might have a better understanding of which moves garner more success at drawing positive attention.  
Evolutionary biologists from Northumbria University in England and the University of Göttingen in Germany conducted a study to determine the exact dance moves that were more successful for men in attracting women, and also which moves women found unattractive.
The researchers enlisted the help of 30 men and asked them to dance for 30 seconds. Then using motion-capture technology, they were able to see the moves by creating computer generated videos. Then, they asked 37 women to rate the guys' dancing skills.
According to the study, men should try to achieve a larger motion of the head, neck, and torso while dancing. Legs apparently play a key role as well. Leg speed, especially when bending and twisting the right knee, makes male dancers look the most attractive. Here is an example of dance moves that women find attractive:

And if you're lacking in the arm-motion department, don't worry. The experts say they found no relation between arm movement and dancing ability.
As for those missteps that tend to repel the ladies? This is the computer-generated model:

Guys, please study these videos, and try to stay away from these terrible moves the next time you hit the dance floor.