Social Experiment Shows What Happens When A Tinder Date Shows Up Looking Different than Their Picture

Odd News

Increasingly the appeal of online dating has become mainstream. However, the fear of the unknown when meeting a complete stranger from the Internet remains. A social media experiment that plays on those fears, especially your date lying about his or her identity, has gone viral and caused an uproar.

The prank group Simple Pickup, known for sending actors out to use outlandish pickup lines on strangers, stooped a little lower in its newest video posted to YouTube this week.This time, the group set up a Tinder account for an attractive woman named Sarah. Her pictures were quickly liked by a number of men on the dating website, where swiping to the right on a profile picture demonstrates interest. After agreeing to meet up, she and her suitors set up a date on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, a city where looks reign supreme.

Before the date, Sarah was given special-effects makeup and fitted with a suit to make her appear larger than her Tinder pictures suggested.Her dates are apparently confused, even though their faces are blurred out on the video.Most of the men in the video were vocal about their disappointment in being misled. But in a follow-up video, where a man is also dressed to look larger than his online profile indicates, the women don't come out any better.  So far, the video has been viewed more than 3.4 million times. Comments vary from calling the dates rude to understanding why someone would be upset by the ruse.
The takeaway, in the end, is something we probably already know: It is not polite to catfish people, but it sure is fun!