Strangers Lift Car to Save Woman’s Life

Strangers Lift Car to Save Woman’s Life

Videos like these are a refreshing reminder that together, people have unlimited amounts of strength. 

In a CCTV video from Thursday, from eastern Zhejiang Province of China, a couple on a scooter is seen riding along a city street when suddenly they are hit by a vehicle.

The husband is thrown, while his wife is caught and pulled under what appears to be an Opel Astra Estate.

Her husband, along with a police officer who happened to be nearby, quickly band together to try to lift the car.

But with inspiring immediacy, motorists and other passers-by gather to combine their strength. A small army of good Samaritans joins to help.

The Herculean efforts of about 20 people raised the car high enough so the woman could be pulled to safety.

Last reports by local media were that the woman was recovering at her local hospital, which no doubt is thanks to the quick action of those selfless onlookers.