Suspect taunts police on Facebook and almost immediately gets arrested

Will Lerner
·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Oh, dumb criminals. When will you learn? Actually, thinking about it…don’t learn. Please make sure to continue not learning. Because when you do not learn, it makes it just so much easier for the police to catch you. The story of Rolando Lozano and the Rosenberg Police Department in Texas beautifully illustrates this.

As reported by KTRK ABC 13, Rosenberg PD was investigating a string of 17 car break-ins and believed that they were all perpetrated by brothers Damian and Rolando Lozano.

They were able to arrest Damian, but weren’t able to find Rolando. That’s when Johnny Law took to Jimmy Internet and wrote on Jackie Facebook. That was confusing. Let me clarify: The police went on their Facebook account, and posted mug shots of the two men, writing: “Damian Lozano, pictured here as #1, has already been captured…Rolando Lozano #2, is wanted and still at large.”

In a fit of pure stupidity, Rolando decided to comment on that post…

Chaaaarrming, just chaaaarrrming. The Rosenberg Police Department happily accepted Rolando’s challenge. Lieutenant Brian Baker told KPRC Local 2, “We don’t take that lightly. And so what we did is that within minutes of him posting that we were able to make an arrest.” They made sure to point that out on Facebook, too.

Perhaps not done celebrating their win, they also posted this picture yesterday...

Funny enough, they mentioned that Rolando was hiding out in the home of…someone who also had a warrant for their arrest. All in all, a banner day for the Rosenberg Police Department!

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