Swedish family’s attempt to build Ikea furniture results in police visit

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Listen, Ikea is great. The furniture is cheap, and there are meatballs, etc. Got it. But it’s also a complete horror show that inflicts psychological damage on all those who try to shop in it.

The problems don’t end when you leave the store, however. Why? Because you have to build the furniture when you get home. Those instructions, man. Those instructions. And that frustration with the incomprehensibility seems to be what caused a police visit to a Swedish family’s home late last Friday night.

According to The Local, a family in a Strömstad apartment was trying to assemble furniture they bought from the furniture giant and the efforts took them deep into the night. At around 1am the noise from the assembly presumably woke their child. The child, surprisingly, did not calmly ask the parents to keep down the racket or ask for ear plugs. Instead, it started to wail. The combination of the loud thudding noises and cries urged the neighbors totheir phones, upon which they called the police.

When police arrived, they saw what was what and that’s pretty much where the information ends. But we have much more pressing things to discuss. Neighbors mistakenly thought they were overhearing a fight, so with that in mind it’s our great pleasure to share with you now…

The top 10 Ikea product names that sound most like Batman fighting sound effects.

1) Lack

2) Klubbo

3) Poang

4) Pax

5) Bekkestua

6) Gaspa

7) Nittorp

8) Skubb

9) Hylkje

10) Marmorblad

Fairly confident that this was a major contribution to society as a whole.

More info: The Local, Expressen