Teen becomes third sibling in his family to have perfect attendance from Pre-K to 12th grade

Will Lerner
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment
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Jordan Fernandez is set to graduate from John F. Kennedy High School in San Antonio, Texas on June 7. When he does, he will have accomplished something fewcan boast: perfect attendance from Pre-K through his senior year of high school. As KENS 5 News reports, the only place where it isn’t so rare? Jordan’s household.

Edgewood Independent School District sent out a press release noting that Jordan’s older brothers Jacob and Jason also had perfect attendance from Pre-K to 12th grade. Jordan’s younger sister Jenna, a freshman at John F. Kennedy High School, hasn’t missed a day of class either. In addition to never missing a day of class, Jordan also has never been tardy.

Showing that he paid attention to his parents’ lessons on punctuality and commitment, Jordan even passed on participating in Senior Skip Day, despite having his parent’s permission to enjoy a little bit of “truancy.” After he graduates this summer, Jordan will be enlisting in the United States Marine Corps, where I’m sure they’re totally lax about punctuality and attendance. Right? Good luck, Jordan…and, uh, I hope this didn’t just jinx you from keeping the streak alive.

More info: KENS

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