The World’s Scariest Hammock Will Haunt Your Dreams

The World’s Scariest Hammock Will Haunt Your Dreams

The Mothership Space Net Penthouse is like a hammock in your backyard on an extreme amount of steroids.

The adrenaline junkie group the Moab Monkeys concocted the spider web-like creation, a 2,000 sq. ft. pentagon-shaped hammock suspended 400 feet above the rocky desert floor of the Moab Desert.

The project was part of an annual gathering of thrill seekers that takes place over the Thanksgiving holiday in the Moab Desert.

Some amazing photographs and video captured the highliners walking across the five different “legs” of the net, which vary in lengths up to 262 feet long, and the BASE jumpers who leapt from the hole in the middle of the net.

The Moab Monkeys are a group that specializes in slacklining, highlining, BASE jumping, and adrenaline-fueled filmmaking. They have done stunts all over the world, including in Rio de Janeiro and the Austrian Alps. This stunt, though, showcases the beauty and extreme environment of their own backyard.