Thief steals over $150,000 worth of cat food to feed 120 cats a ‘gourmet diet’

Will Lerner
·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Mamoru Demizu of Izumi, Osaka, Japan has admitted he is guilty of breaking into homes to steal money and valuable so he could feed 120 cats he cared for. The Asahi Shimbun reports that Mr. Demizu, currently unemployed, was suspected of breaking into 32 homes and stealing 19.2 million yen, which would equal roughly $186,163 US.

AFP, via The Telegraph, reports that Demizu would spend nearly 25,000 yen (approximately $242) daily to feed his buddies. If you can’t tell, he really likes cats. A police officer says that the cat’s burglar told them, “It was the happiest moment when I rubbed my cheek against a cat.” Ok.

Now, he didn’t keep all of these cats in his home. Just because he endeavored on year-long crime spree to feed all these cats doesn’t mean he’s crazy. He kept just one cat at home. AFP says he kept an additional 20 in a warehouse, and the rest were strays that roamed his neighborhood.

Police say that Demizu would, in 10 different locations, distribute “fish, chicken, and other morsels, making the rounds in a car between midnight and 4a.m.,” according to the Asahi Shimbun.

None of the pictures included in this post are actually of the cats he fed, by the way. We just wanted to include pictures of cats because, you know: the internet.

More info: AFP, Asahi Shimbun