This cat is a thief and has stolen thousands of socks

Will Lerner
·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

We only like to bring your attention to the hardest of all hard-hitting stories here at Odd News. New Zealand’s 3 News is reporting on Oscar, a Mandalay who can’t stop stealing socks in a neighborhood of Herne Bay.

Paul Wai-Poi, Oscar’s human, says that the kitty crook has taken at least one sock per day from homes, local schools, or construction sites around the New Zealand town for the past few years. 3 News speculates that’s about 3,000 individual socks in total.

Sometimes, Oscar likes to mix it up. Mr. Wai-Poi told the station, “He brought back a bra and panties and the bra got hooked up on the fence and the next door neighbor saw it. I said it's not my wife's.” Paul, swimming in other peoples’ socks, doesn’t have the resources to return them all back to their owners, so he washes them and gives them to charity and I’m sure those charities are absolutely thrilled to be receiving dozens of random socks missing a pair.

Paul doesn’t know why Oscar’s sock-crazy, so 3 News spoke with Mandalay expert Deborah Aicken. The reason is kind of gross, “These cats love the smell of feet,” Aicken says. Ok. So that explains that. It’s not  Oscar’s fault, he just can’t help himself. And now: Kittens.

More info: 3 News