This man named Hickory rides with 6 pets on the back of his scooter

You’re never going to guess where Hickory Francis, a man who rides a scooter with his four cats and two dogs on it lives. You’ll never guess so I will tellyou: he lives in Florida. WPLG Local 10 News is reporting on this interesting guy who really loves animals.

Hickory, who does not have a home and spends, “many nights in parks or truck stops,” has everything he owns on the back of his scooter. That would include his 6 furry friends, who he loves dearly. He told the station, “"Life wouldn't be any better without them. I'd be in the loneliest guy in town..."

Mr. Francis, a musician, has been out of work for sometime, and is looking for gainful employment, telling WPLG, “…I've given up chasing the pot of gold but I would sure like a little piece of the apple pie already.”

If you live in the Miami, Florida area and think you can help him out, you can reach Hickory at the number, (678) 964-9336. C’mon internet good guys! Do your thing!

More info: WPLG