Tiny Hamster Takes On Kobayashi in 'Hot Dog' Eating Contest

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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Takeru Kobayashi has destroyed heaping amounts of food and numerous challengers over the years as a competitive eater. He once ate 110 hot dogs in 10 minutes. He smashed a world record when he ate 97 hamburgers in 94 seconds. The burgers were slider-sized, but still, it's impressive. Even though it has been a few years since he has participated in competitive eating's largest event, Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Contest, he's still getting his name out there in the gustatory world. His newest challenger is the hungriest — and tiniest — yet.

Tiny Hamster is the star of a few insanely viral videos, in which he has been seen first eating tiny burritos then transitioning to birthday cake. Though he may be small, this rodent is no slouch when it comes to wolfing down minifoods. In a YouTube video uploaded on Tuesday, Kobayashi and the Hamster go belly-to-belly eating "hot dogs," or in the hamster's case, a mixture of apple, grape, and carrot cut into tiny pieces, and stuffed into bread. Each competitor in the video holds his own.

In the end, it's the hamster who takes the tiny first-place ribbon. Kobayashi must bow down to the new champion of feasting feats, but there's always next time.