Video of Vladimir Putin Getting Hit With Bird Poo is a Fake

They say it's lucky when a bird poops on you. You know what's even luckier? When it doesn't.

A YouTube video is making the rounds of Russian President Vladimir Putin giving a speech at the unveiling of a World War I monument in Moscow on Friday, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the war.

A moment of particular interest is when it looks like a bird drops a little bomb on Putin's left shoulder, midspeech.

Several news outlets reporting on the speech also pointed out the pigeon poop. But the thing is, it didn't actually happen.

In comparison with other video footage and with pre- and post-speech photos, we see that the little gift from above is a digital addition.

Most sites have posted a correction on their original articles.

I guess we have to stop with all the Vladimir Poo-tin jokes.

Could you tell it was fake, or did you think it was the real deal? What do you think about this hoax being reported as fact?

Let us know in the comments below.

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