Weather Balloon Used to Launch Couple's Ashes to the Edge of Space

Mia Fitzharris
Odd News

John and Lois Lafferty were married later in life but shared a passion for travel and history. So when they passed away, Lois's daughter Misty had the perfect idea for scattering their ashes. Lois and John became the first customers of Mesoloft, which launches ashes via weather balloon high into the Earth's atmosphere. Yes, there actually is a company that offers this service. In a video posted by Mesoloft, whose slogan is "The last adventure," you can see the container, attached to a weather balloon, floating higher and higher into the sky.  
Then, at 72,000 feet, Lois and John's ashes are released from the container and scatter above the Earth. The company says the couple's remains will likely land on mountaintops, valleys, deserts, and oceans. Mesoloft even provides flight GPS data for families to track their loved one's journey. Misty said she used this service because Lois and John "were traveling buddies, and [they] had their little map and they would 'pin' all the places they had been. John loved history, and he really loved anything new and exciting. And Mom loved sharing new and exciting things with him." If you're looking for an out-of-this-world way to scatter your remains, a word of caution: It doesn't come cheap. Mesoloft's standard launch package starts at $2,800.