Woman is mugged during on-camera interview about crime

Odd News

A woman in Brazil was being interviewed on camera about the high crime rate in the center of Rio de Janeiro when a young thief snatched her necklace.

TV Globo interviewed the unidentified woman on Wednesday and asked her about crimes happening near the city’s center (watch the interview here at 1:20). As the woman voices her concern about the lack of police officers in the area, a bold mugger appears to her left, rips the chain off her neck, and bolts off through traffic. The reporter is seen chasing after the thief but he was unable to catch him. The mugger dropped the now broken necklace, and it was returned to the woman.

TV Globo’s story comes just months before the World Cup in June and July, which will be hosted in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is one of the country’s hostcities and the location of the World Cup Final. As reported by NPR, city authorities have attempted to control crime before international tourists arrive but it has actually spiked. Recently, a Brazilian newspaper reported that 14 ATM machines in Rio’s main international airport were used to duplicate tourists’ debit cards. NPR also notes that the city has seen a 118% rise in robberies on buses, and a 121% increase in cellphone robberies in the past year.

Video and more info: TV Globo, NPR