Woman searches for couple in decade old wedding photos she discovered

Kristen Frank of Fort Lee, New Jersey is on the hunt for a mystery couple whose decade old wedding photos she found in a stolen camera.

The story started back in 2004 when Ms. Frank worked in a photo lab in New York. A woman entered the lab and tried to sell Frank a Hasselblad 220 back she said she had found on the subway. Frank told WNYW Fox 5, “I told her I’d pay her five bucks for it ‘cause I didn’t know if it would work.”

The photo lab employee then discovered that her purchase housed a roll of film. She developed it, and found it contained wedding photos. “I just died. I was like, ‘This is horrible that somebody is not going to get to see their pictures of their grandmother and of them walking down the aisle during the ceremony,” Frank recalled.

At the time, Frank had no resources to find the couple in the photos, but she always wanted to reunite them with their wedding pictures. So she stored the negatives in hopes that one day she’d be able to do so.

Fast forward a decade, the negatives that Frank had forgotten about resurfaced and so did her determination to find the mystery couple. She took to Facebook and quickly her social network identified the church as The Advent Lutheran Church in Manhattan.

Pastor J. Elise Brown from the church saw Frank’s post and added several key details. The pastor commented, “I conducted this wedding the day after Thanksgiving in 2004. During the ceremony, a woman came in the back of the sanctuary and stole one of the photographer's cameras from the back pew it was sitting on.” Pastor Brown also believed that the couple was from St. Louis, Missouri. She remembered that they traveled to New York to be married in the same church, on the same day as the bride’s grandparents.

Pastor Brown and the church are combing through their records to find the couple’s contact information. Others have joined the search, posting the story on Craigslist, and suggesting that Kristen contact the New York City Registrar for wedding records.

You can take a look at the wedding photos here and join the effort to find the mystery couple.

Video and more info: WNYW, Facebook/Kristen Frank Photography

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