Woman searches for mystery man by posting notes to him all over town

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Some say it’s romantic, others call it a bit crazy, but Courtney (last name unknown) doesn’t seem concerned with what others think of her recent search for love. As reported by WTTG Fox 5 Local News , the Virginia resident posted copies of a note around the Old Town Alexandria area addressing ‘Ben,’ a mystery man she met on December 23rd, she felt was a missed romantic connection. Her note read, “Ben, (From the Light Horse) I made the wrong choice on Dec. 23rd. Call me! –Courtney." The determined woman said, “I printed off about 75 [notes], and I think I got about 60 up, all down King street.”

She combined the old fashion method of posting signs with online efforts in her search using the Twitter account ‘OldTownCourtney.’ #FindBen spread across social media with many who tried to help in the woman’s quest for love.

Courtney told the station that the two met at The Light Horse restaurant and had a memorable hours long conversation about, "Religion, faith, morality, culture, and how do you define culture and a society, definitely not things you just randomly talk to someone about in a bar." He clearly made an impression on Courtney, but in a tweet she explained, “I chickened out and left w/o getting his # or giving mine.” Courtney described the object of her affection, "He is probably early to mid-30s, white male with brown hair, beard, brown eyes, average build, slightly athletic,” adding that he grew up in western Maryland.


According to Courtney, she’s received support from strangers, “I've had a very positive response, a lot of positive phone calls, a lot of positive voice mails, and very positive text messages saying, ‘I really hope you find him, good luck.’" Jessica Meisinger, a passerby who took a picture of the sign said, "I think it's romantic. It's like an old-fashioned ‘missed connections’ on Craigslist. You don't usually see that kind of thing anymore.”

But this isn’t the first well-publicized online search by the lovelorn. New Zealand resident Reese McKee’s mission to find ‘Katie from DC’ didn’t necessarily wrap up with a storybook ending. Eventually when the search went viral and Katie was found, the pressure and attention was too much. The two are waiting for the attention to die down to see if any romance can blossom.

Reese McKee and 'Katie from DC' (The New Zealand Herald)

As for the Old Town Alexandria encounter, the possibility of a romantic New Years Eve date passed without finding Ben. Courtney conceded, "I don't know the ending, and if nothing came of it, I'm okay with that, and I accept that.”

In fact, Ben was found just hours after WTTG aired their story. Courtney tweeted: “I found Ben! To respect Ben’s privacy, I won’t be taking any more interviews. Thank you everyone for the support in my quest to #FindBen!!!”

We hope it works out Courtney and Ben. Good luck kids!

Video and more info: WTTG