Mr. Turner of ‘Boy Meets World’ answers fan questions on Twitter

Kat Angus

Mr. Turner has lost his mullet but gained a Twitter following. Anthony Tyler Quinn, best known for playing high school English teacher Jonathan Turner on "Boy Meets World" from 1994 to 1997, has surfaced on the social networking site. In fact, the 51-year-old acquired hundreds of new followers overnight after Buzzfeed broke the news on Thursday afternoon.

The New York native joined "Boy Meets World" series in its second season and lasted until his character had a motorbike accident in the 1997 season. Mr. Turner also served as a father figure to Shawn (Ryder Strong) on the show, taking him in when the high schooler briefly became homeless. Since leaving the show, Quinn has appeared in small roles on "Dexter," "House M.D." and "Pretty Little Liars." He most recently appeared in a recurring role as dirty cop Joe Bernardi on the hit soap "Days of Our Lives." On Thursday, Quinn conducted an impromptu Q&A, in which he answered fans' burning questions -- most pressingly, whether or not he will be making a cameo on the upcoming "BMW" spin-off "Girl Meets World."

Quinn did, however, imply that his departure from "Boy Meets World" was complicated.

No doubt Mr. Turner could teach them a thing or two.