Meet Virginia, the Pig Who Thinks She's a Dog

Lilit Marcus, Shine Contributor
Virginia the pig and her brothers. Photo via Imgur.
Virginia the pig and her brothers. Photo via Imgur.

"My pig is having an identity crisis," a commenter on the website wrote. And he or she wasn't kidding: Virginia, a 10-month-old Juliana pig who lives in Colorado, is being raised alongside two Boxers and thinks that she's a dog too. (Who can blame her?)

"I don’t think Virginia realizes that she isn’t a dog. We got her when she was three months old so she grew up around them," the owner, who uses the handle pigpimpin, explained, adding, "I think the dogs realize that Virginia is not a dog. They are a lot gentler with her when they play than they are with each other."

And even though Virginia, whose middle name is David Bowie, thinks she's just one of the dogs, she does have a few traits that make her different from her brothers. She figured out how to use the doggie door before the Boxers did, and she's also learned how to use a litter box. "The Boxers are pretty dumb," Virginia's owner wrote. "Especially the lighter brown one, he eats rocks."

However, Virginia does have some very dog-like traits: She loves belly rubs, tries to bark (even though it sounds more like a squeal), and she likes to roll around in sand or dirt, not mud. "She LOVES to cuddle," says her owner. And with a face like hers, who wouldn't want to cuddle right back?

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