What DC interns REALLY do on Capitol Hill

Politically Foul

An internship on Capitol Hill is a prestigious resume building block toward a powerful career, right? Congressional interns have the opportunity to walk the halls of power, watch democracy in action from a front row seat, and help shape legislation while working side by side with influential lawmakers. Right?

Well, sure. Or, you can make a cheesy video with your boss over this summer's answer to the "Macarena."

That's what the interns in Rep. Linda Sanchez did this summer — although to be fair her press secretary did tell us that the video was all shot at the end of business on a Friday afternoon. A lighthearted summer break.

Ok, fair enough. But nevertheless, we think the interns are going to look back on this video in about 10 years in cringe. Almost as much as Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel must be cringing when his high school yearbook photo surfaced online.

That's right, budding politicians. It's never too soon to start worrying about how you're going to live down your high school yearbook photos. In fact, a whole collection of politicians' high school photos ended up online this week and let's just say, there were some hair and fashion ''don'ts'' among them. You'll have to click on the video to appreciate what we mean.

And don't miss another video you're going to have to hear to appreciate — and that is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his disgust with his own speechwriters.

We hope you had a happy fourth.