Will gay marriage haunt Obama in November?

Top Line

Gay marriage is in the news -- because Vice President Joe Biden put it there. He let the genie out of the bottle and got ahead of his boss on an issue the president has been trying to straddle for the last year and a half.

President Obama's coalition -- minority voters and young voters -- have very different views about gay marriage, evidenced in 2008 in California, when young voters came out to oppose an amendment that would ban gay marriage, while African Americans supported it.

And then there's the money, according to the Washington Post, one in six bundlers -- the people who raise the big bucks for the Obama campaign -- is gay. They are still raising money for a man who continues to twist himself into a pretzel over gay marriage, and whose White House still can't figure out how to message it. Why? Because they believe wholeheartedly that he actually supports gay marriage, and if re-elected he will come out in full support of it and flip his position.

Yet publicly, the president maintains his view of gay marriage is "evolving." So will gay marriage come back to hurt Obama in November? And will gay marriage even be an issue for Democrats come 2016? Check out this week's Top Line to find out.