Kennedys, the next generation: Ted Jr. contemplates his move

Jonathan Karl, Richard Coolidge, Gregory Lemos & Sherisse Pham
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For the first time since 1945, there is no Kennedy in Congress. But that may change in the near future. Sure, Joe Kennedy III is running for the fourth district of Massachusetts, but what about his cousin Ted Kennedy Jr.?

"Maybe one day," says the eldest son of the late Senator Edward Kennedy.

"We were brought up in a family that was taught we need to give back in some way, not just elected politics," continued Ted Kennedy Jr. "I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve in some capacity. What that is now, I have no idea, but you know, I'm still a young man and I hope to find some way to serve."

For 50 years, Ted's father Sen. Edward Kennedy was a larger-than-life presence at the Democratic Convention. Last night was no exception, when Democrats paid tribute to the late senator with a 7-minute video.

"It was an emotional time, obviously, to see my father's face and hear his voice," says Ted. "I have to say ... it was a little bitter-sweet to be truthful."

The tribute also served as an attack against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, showing footage of then Massachusetts senate candidate Romney debating Sen. Kennedy in 1994.

"I am pro-choice, my opponent is multiple choice," says Sen. Kennedy in the archive video, alluding to Romney's inconsistent views on abortion.

"I mean, so many of the same issues that are being talked about in this campaign, between the president and Mitt Romney were, you know, the debating issues back in '94 when Mitt Romney ran against my father," says Patrick Kennedy.

"It was tight in September, I remember it," says the former congressman. "My dad called me because I was running for Congress at the time. He said, 'Patrick if you get elected will you hire me as your doorman?' "

In the end his father "won big," says Patrick. "And that's a story, because I think right now obviously polls are close for the president and Mitt Romney, but I think at the end of the day people are going to settle back with the president."

For the upcoming presidential debates, Patrick Kennedy says Obama can look to "how my father just put the focus back on the hypocrisy of Mitt Romney."

Moreover, adds brother Ted, Obama has something Romney does not.

"Why is it that the president is for health care reform? Why does he push for student loans? Why is he for all of this? Because it's an experience that he himself has lived. And in that way he's so much more in touch with the average American than Mitt Romney."