McCain: Pass interference with the ‘Liberal Media’

John Berman & Samara Mackereth
Power Players

Calling the Bad Plays of the Week on POLITICALLY FOUL

Politics is not a game exactly, but there are rules. And when you break them you're running Politically Foul! Each week, we look at the political plays of the week and with a sports-fan's eye, make the penalty calls.

Senator John McCain is fast on his feet with a zinger and at a Florida press conference this week, he stumbled over a local station's microphone — knocking it clear off the podium. But it was a quick recovery by the former GOP contender and he avoided the fumble by saying, 'Channel 9 is a bunch of liberals anyway." It got a good laugh from the crowd. No harm, no foul.

But not every political match up is so good natured in the political world these days. Take the knock out punch that the writer of the song Eye of the Tiger — yes, the Rocky III theme song — delivered to Newt Gingrich's campaign. Songwriter Frankie Sullivan alleges the GOP candidate violated copyright by playing the song at campaign rallies. He filed a lawsuit in federal court. Ouch!

But it's not all tough talk in politics. Mitt Romney may have a pint sized prognosticator on his team. After surveying the crowd at the Florida primary, his 5-year-old grandson, Parker, predicted, "I think Papa's gonna win."

And win he did.

Those are the politically plays we flagged this week. Tell us your best and worst moments and we'll survey the field again next week.