New drone airplane program sets out to find Bigfoot

Can unmanned drones finally solve the Bigfoot mystery? (Universal Pictures)

It seems there’s almost nothing a drone can’t do these days: deliver pizza, spot giant “rivers of blood” in Texas, open up new frontiers of hunting in Colorado and maybe even solve the long-standing mystery of Bigfoot.

Idaho State University’s Jeffrey Meldrum tells the Mountain Express he believes drones will provide an edge in hunting down the elusive Sasquatch. Assuming, of course, that the creature even exists.

“These unmanned drones, I believe, are the next step in proving the nature of these creatures,” Meldrum, author of “ Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science ,” told the paper.

Meldrum and the University of Idaho are collaborating with William Barnes on a venture called “The Falcon Project,” which will use a camera attached to a 45-foot-long drone to look for evidence of Sasquatch.

“If it’s just a really good story, a coincidence, it is one of the most eternally coherent and consistent stories ever told,” Meldrum said when asked if he believes Bigfoot really exists.

There has been renewed interest in the alleged existence of the creature since a video surfaced last week that claims to show a bipedal ape roaming through the Canadian wilderness . The video has been clicked on more than 300,000 times since it was posted to YouTube on July 24. Of course, the video has generated its share of skeptics, who point out that the grainy footage is shot from a considerable distance and is far from conclusive.