For $5 you can get a fake girlfriend on Facebook


A new website is offering virtual dating services to single men for as little as $5.

22-year-old college student Cody Krecicki launched GirlfriendHire last month and says women on his site have already sold 300 bookings while 100,000 curious individuals have visited the site.

"Girls give guys advice, break up with their girlfriend for them, send them a message on Facebook they can show off to their friends," Krecicki explained to the Naples Daily News.

So what exactly can you get for $5 on the site? Some of the services include pretending to be one's girlfriend on Facebook for a set period of time, sending text message to an individual, and one user who simply promises, "I will be here for you."

However, there does not appear to be a built-in refund option for any ensuing feelings of shame or regret.

Krecicki says 1,600 men have signed up for accounts with the site. And those 1,600 users are also allowed to post requests for services on the site. Some of the more recent ones include:

"Send a romantic postcard from New York, " "Fake a relationship the older the better," and, "Be my fake girlfriend for 6 months on Facebook. Would like pics together."

And while the site clearly caters to single men, it does include a "Breakup Proxy" section for men who want to hire a third party to help end their current, presumably real-life, relationships.

The site appears to be closely based on the model, which has risen to fame by allowing Web entrepreneurs to offer thousands of arguably more legitimate services for $5 or more.

Krecicki tells the Naples Daily News that he monitors all of the service accounts personally and set the $5 price bar to discourage actual prostitution or other illegal activities. He says he makes 50 cents off each sale.

"I feel like Mary Shelley and I've created a Frankenstein," Krecicki said. "Girls are mysterious. Guys don't know anything about girls."

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