6-year-old punished because her parents made her late

Claudine Zap

When Brooke Loeffler's parents made her late to her San Antonio-area school several times, it was the student who took the fall.

Brooke is 6 years old.

The Texas kindergartner, who attends Olympia Elementary School, spent two days in classroom detention during lunch hour, by herself, facing a wall, as the school’s policy dictates.

Although Brooke received the punishment, it was her dad who felt bad. He even sat with Brooke during one of her lunchtime detentions.

"It was my responsibility to get her ready and get her to school," her father told KENS-TV. He added, "I failed that responsibility a couple of times.”

The reason for the tardies: Brooke’s parents have a new baby at home, and the family is adjusting to the new routine.

Brooke’s family would like to see Olympia’s policy changed to punish the parents, not the kids. We're betting Brooke would agree with that idea.

Brooke’s father told the local TV station, “I told her we were sorry and it wasn’t going to happen again.”

The school district maintains its policy is tough but effective. Since instituted, tardies have gone down as much as 90 percent.