A forklift gets a lift ... from a forklift

The Sideshow

Sometimes one forklift just isn't enough.

Case in point: This merry crew of movers who found a creative way to get a large crate all the way inside a truck.

First, they used one forklift to pick up the crate and place it just inside the truck as far as the lift could reach. Next came forklift No. 2, which picked up the first forklift and pushed it (along with the crate) into the recesses of the trailer. The second forklift then helps the original return to ground level.

Mission accomplished.

The video, which was posted to Facebook on July 2, is making the rounds on social media and blogs. Everything worked out for the best for these workers, but keep in mind that a lot can go wrong when you're doing unconventional tricks with heavy equipment.

Of course, forklifts aren't the only piece of construction to be used creatively. Earlier this year, YouTube user kwirls posted footage of an excavator on the back of a trailer truck that had apparently run out of gas. Workers used the excavator's bucket to propel the truck down the road, slowly but surely.

Finally, there's this all-time classic stunt featuring an excavator and one not-so-insurmountable tower. Ill-advised? Well, probably. Amazing? Absolutely.

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