Animated breaking news alert scares Fox News host

Claudine Zap
The Sideshow

When a television news network needs to interrupt programming with breaking news, the alert animation is not supposed to scare the host more than the actual news.

But that's what happened, and now video of Fox News host Megyn Kelly's reaction is getting attention.

The segment on the "fiscal cliff" began with a brand-new breaking news alert graphic. Someone apparently forgot to warn Kelly that the graphics department had been working overtime.

After it appeared, the "America Live" anchor was shown with her hands over her mouth looking surprised, and not in a good way.

She then burst into giggles. "That was a new alert animation, scared me a little bit," she said. "Maybe we should be scared, because the clock is ticking down right now to the so-called fiscal cliff."

Kelly was so distracted by the animation onslaught, she actually asked her guest, Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt, about it. "So, did you think of that alert, did it scare you?"

He responded gamely, "I was really frightened. I thought something really, really bad was happening instead of just the standard badness." "It's terrifying!" Kelly responded, laughing again.