Another bear falls from tree in Colorado (PHOTOS)

The bears don't grow on trees in Colorado, but they sure are making a habit of falling from them. The Steamboat Pilot & Today reports that another black bear has been tranquilized and immortalized in photos as it fell from a tree to safety.

The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife tranquilized the bear after it climbed up a tree in Steamboat Springs.

It was just a month ago that another young black bear dominated the Internet after a student photographer captured a priceless photo of the bear falling from a tree after local firefighters tranquilized it. Sadly, it was just one week later that the same bear was killed after it wandered onto a Colorado highway and was struck by a passing motorist.

And if you just can't get enough bear updates in your daily news diet, check out this recent video of an Alaskan grizzly bear charging at local tourists, or this extremely cute video of 10 bear cubs forming a conga line.

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