Baboons invade home, guys videotape the chaos

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Something we've long suspected has proved to be true: Baboons are horrible houseguests.

Howard James Fyvie and some friends saw a group of baboons climbing into a house in Betty's Bay, South Africa, whose occupants were gone. It was locked except for an open top-floor window. According to the clip's YouTube description, the guys called the police and the owner of the house, and then hurried over on their own to try to help. They climbed inside via a ladder and found the wild animals—plus a giant mess.

The baboons, as you can see in the video above, were everywhere—in the kitchen, where they raided the refrigerator, in the bathroom, hanging out on furniture, you name it. They had ripped stuff up, defecated in various spots, and were all around enjoying themselves. Undaunted, Fyvie and company chased them out of the house. (No word on whether the guys went the extra mile and cleaned up after the animals.)

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While things worked out OK, yelling and swinging brooms at territorial primates isn't something we'd recommend. Of course, neither is leaving a window open with baboons within raiding distance.

In an interview with "Right This Minute," Fyvie noted that when he returned to his apartment and told his roommate about the misadventure, he was told it was a stupid thing to do because "one baboon is equal to seven grown men."

Fyvie said he responded with, "Never tell me the odds."

Very Han Solo.