Banksy-inspired Armstrong graffiti pops up in L.A.

Dylan Stableford
The Sideshow

Street art apparently inspired by the elusive graffiti artist Banksy is being used by an unidentified artist to weigh in on the Lance Armstrong doping scandal.

A stenciled, spray-painted image of Armstrong wearing a yellow jersey and riding a bike while hooked up to an IV drip was spotted in Los Angeles earlier this week.

The Twitter feed for London's Jalouse Club posted a photo of the art along with the message: "Banksy's take on Lance Armstrong #Brilliant." But a representative for Banksy told the Huffington Post U.K. that the British artist is not behind it.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey last week, Armstrong, who was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles last year, admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs throughout his cycling career.

A Banksy-style take on the disgraced cyclist was bound to happen. After the Oprah interview aired, the parody Twitter account @BanksyIdeas suggested the artist create a "stencil of Lance Armstrong pumping his bike tyre up with a syringe."

It's not the first time Armstrong has been the subject of street art in L.A.

In 2009, Armstrong commissioned Shepard Fairey—the artist who designed President Barack Obama's "Hope" campaign—to create a mural for Livestrong, the cyclist's cancer charity, on the side of a theater in Hollywood.

"Cancer has affected my life like it has millions of others," Fairey wrote on his website. "I was honored and glad to help the cause."

Fairey also designed the artwork for the bike and helmet Armstrong used during his return to cycling in 2009.