Bear cubs form cuddly ‘conga line’ (VIDEO)

Eric Pfeiffer

In this video, a seemingly ever-growing line of bear cubs line up to groom each other. The video features some accompanying music that lets the imaginative viewer pretend the cubs are forming the world's greatest ever conga line.

Even if the bears are just keeping each other clean, it's certainly a positive shift from the death of another young bear who just weeks ago took the Internet by storm when he fell from a tree after being tranquilized by police.

It's still unclear exactly where the amazing video footage originates from, though it's most likely taken from a zoo or some kind of animal reserve. After all, bears typically have one or two cubs rather than the 10 that line up in this footage. What do you think? Were the bears lining up spontaneously? Or does the video's music cover up commands being given by a possible animal trainer off-screen?

[Via Petsami]

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