Owner: ‘Slightly haunted’ house for sale


If you’re looking to buy a house in the Dunmore, Pa., area you could do worst than the lovely four-bedroom Victorian for sale on Marian Street.

After all, it’s reasonably priced, is close to good schools and is by all accounts quite lovely.

That is, if you don’t mind the fact that the place is “slightly haunted,” according to the owner.

In several online listings, Gregory Leeson includes the following description of his home, mixed in among details such as hardwood floors and off-street parking:

That’s right, nothing much other than a terrifying ghost staring at you while you’re alone in the bathroom.

You’ve got to respect Leeson for his, uhh, transparency, in including the haunting details. "I'm not even sure why I included that," Leeson told Yahoo News during a phone interview on Tuesday. "I was just writing the listing and put it in there."

Leeson was quick to point out that no one has been harmed or seriously frightened by the alleged hauntings, which he describes more as a "creepy" feeling, as opposed to something truly ominous. He said he loves the house but that he and his family are moving to Maryland to be close to their extented family.

Interestingly, another ghost is said to haunt the Dunmore area dating back to 1901, the same year this house was built. However, the two do not appear to be on the same street. But seriously, what is it with 1901 and Pennsylvania ghosts? Another haunted locale, Buck Hill Falls, featured in an episode of the now defunct MTV show “Fear," opened that same year and was reportedly haunted for years by a suicide victim before the inn closed permanently in 1990.

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