Behold, the chocolate eclair hot dog

With Labor Day on the horizon, millions of Americans will be enjoying hot dogs on the grill. But a Canadian company has taken the sausage-in-a-sliced-bun experience to a whole new level, creating a chocolate eclair hot dog.

Maple Lodge Farms debuted the comestible at the Canada National Exhibition.

And this isn't the only time that Canada has beaten the U.S. to the extreme food punch: In July, a Canadian vendor began selling double bacon fried corn dogs.

But rest assured, extreme eaters of the world. Creating your own chocolate eclair hot dog doesn't appear to require much work, now that the imaginative heavy lifting has been done: Simply insert a cooked hot dog into the sliced eclair, garnish with whipped cream and sprinkles, and enjoy.

What would you add as the conceptual cherry on top?

Via Shortlist.