Blind gunslinger hits more than 80 percent of targets


The Classical Fast Draw Society is home to a select number of expert marksmen. But their most remarkable member is not technically their most accurate.

Jim Miekka only hits about 80 percent of his targets, firing shots at just half a second apart. But the truly incredible thing about Miekka is that he’s totally blind.

Bay News 9 reports that the man referred to as the “Midnight Gunslinger,” has steadily been improving his accuracy.

“When I first started I was hitting about 25 percent of the time," Miekka told the station. "Now I think I’m hitting about 80 percent or something like that.”

You can watch a video of Miekka showing up his quickdraw skills here.

So, those years of practice have obviously paid off, right? Actually, Miekka says he’s only been practicing fast draw shooting for about a year.

If Miekka’s name rings a bell, you may have seen his name in the news over the past few years but for very different reasons. In 2010, Miekka made national headlines when he unveiled the Hindenburg Omen, a system that helps predict stock market crashes. It was featured in the Wall Street Journal and on financial cable network news station CNBC.

He’s also invented a specialized rifle that helps him hit targets from up to 100 yards away by sending a sound signal into headphones.

He’s also apparently good enough that some of his compatriots have placed a high-level of trust in his abilities. For example, Miekka says he’ll occasionally enlist someone to tap a spot just above his target so that he can mentally place the location of his next shot.

“Not being able to see the target, remember where it is and actually get right on it. He’s done awesome,” fellow Fast Draw Society member Randie Rickert said.