Bo Obama: Doggie heartthrob

A single (but looking to settle down) goldendoodle named Ramona has proposed canine marriage to presidential pooch Bo Obama.

In a video produced by the Oregon Humane Society, the 2-year-old Ramona frets over an upcoming Humane Society fundraiser. "Oh, no," Ramona thinks, "I don't have a date for Doggie Dash!"

The Web-savvy Ramona tries to invite her favorite Portuguese water dog through Twitter and Facebook, but she doesn't hear back. She even tries calling the White House, but is told the pooch doesn't have a cellphone. (Side note: Get with the times, Bo.)

Eventually, Ramona sends Bo a smoochie letter full of hearts and poor penmanship. "Dear Bo," the note reads, "Will u goz to Doggie Dash wit me?"

An invitation then appears. "Dear Bo Obama, You are cordially invited to serve as Grand Dog Marshal of the Oregon Humane Society 2013 Doggie Dash. And marry Ramona, if you like." The event is scheduled for May 11 in Portland.

It may seem like a long shot, but the Web is full of stories about regular folks asking celebs on dates through video. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake went to the Marine Corps balls. A teen asked Taylor Swift to his prom. And just recently, a high-school student asked model Kate Upton to his prom.

Will Bo accept or is his doggie calendar full? Stay tuned.