‘Buxom bandit’ turns herself over to authorities


After a week on the run, the "buxom bandit" has turned herself in. Twenty-two-year-old Tonee Walker was given the moniker after she wore a low-cut top while allegedly robbing an Australian gas station.

Closed circuit television footage of the robbery became a viral sensation last week, with viewers focusing on Walker's partially exposed cleavage. Her alleged crime joined the ranks of other major news events when it was parodied in an animated spoof by Taiwanese news network NMA TV.

The Courier-Mail reports that Walker has been charged with armed robbery and stealing. Alleged partner in crime Alexander Joshua Spinks told police on Friday that he had "deliberately" adjusted Walker's top in order to expose her breasts before she entered the Gold Coast gas station armed with a knife.

According to court documents, Walker left the station with about $300 in cash and told her friends she had given the station attendant "something to look at" before threatening him with the knife.

In fact, Walker was already in court even before turning herself over to police. On Friday, she had appeared in court to face an unrelated shoplifting charge.

Walker has been denied bail in conjunction with the current robbery charges. Police spoke out against Walker's request for bail, arguing that she had exhibited "erratic and violent" behavior and was already on probation for criminal drug offenses.

She is scheduled to appear back in court on August 20.