Cat at Number 10 Downing Street embroiled in mouse-related scandal

Chris Lehmann
The Sideshow

British Prime Minister David Cameron is resisting some calls for the resignation of 10 Downing Street's official mouse catcher Larry, in the wake of the scandalous recent appearance of an uninvited mouse at a recent official government dinner.

Downing Street brought on the 4-year-old Larry last year to help combat a growing rodent problem after TV broadcast cameras caught the image of a "large rat" promenading through the seat of British government.

Like many a professional spinmeister, a spokesman for Cameron's  government stressed past performance over present-day scandal-mongering. Larry has caught three mice since his services were first employed in February, the spokesman said, and reiterated that he would not be relinquishing his post. The Cameron spokesman also gamely tried to change the subject, noting that "Larry brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of people."

Larry is a rescue cat from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and reputedly acquired a "strong predatory drive" from his time living on the streets. According to the BBC, Larry is not taxpayer-funded, his expenses were covered by the prime minister's staff out of their own pockets—at least until a recent fundraising event was held in Larry's honor.

In addition to his hunting duties, Larry has been a bit of a diplomat, continuing the tradition of strong ties between the UK and America. Although Cameron said Larry is "not very keen on men," he apparently made an exception this past May when, "he was happy to be stroked by US President Barack Obama."