Child joins street singer, steals the show

Claudine Zap
The Sideshow

Parents always have extreme confidence in their kids' talents. But here's the surprise: The kid is good and actually outshines the singer in the video.

It's a mystery how this adorable child bundled up in a stroller ended up joining a street performer in a duet. But the toddler can belt out a tune and, thanks to the video filmed by Kamil Litwinowicz, is now catching the attention of the Web.

Someone, probably dad, is seen at the beginning of the clip positioning the stroller next to the singer, who is performing on the main square in Krakow, Poland. He then walks off camera to enjoy the show, which quickly becomes a duet—and a Web hit.

Even though the tyke doesn't know the words to the operatic melody—they come out as basically "goo goo ga ga"—the kid is in tune and even overshadows the professional.

The video of the child's musical stylings, posted on Dec. 2, have hit a high note, with more than 620,000 views on YouTube.

Next time we'd like to see this budding crooner team up with Justin Bieber.