Chinese ‘gangster’s’ alleged cell phone pictures going viral

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A lengthy series of pictures was uploaded to the anonymous photo-sharing site Imgur, which purports to show a young Chinese "gangster" at work and play.

There's an ongoing debate as to whether these pictures are real or staged. It's possible the money could have been digitally inserted into the pictures and the violent scenes could be staged. But the pictures of the man standing next to and inside a pair of Porsches appear to be real. And then there's the question of who exactly uploaded the picture to the anonymous photo-sharing site. Were they uploaded by the alleged Chinese "gangster" himself or by someone who got a hold of his phone and decided to share the images with the world?

The most widely distributed of these images show the man next to a large stack of 100-Yuan bills. According to ABC News, the man is sitting next to an estimated $170,000 worth of Yuan, which is about 20 times the annual income of the average Chinese citizen.

There's even one picture of the man holding a cute puppy.

But as your scroll through the photos, they take a dark turn, and include several violent images that appear to show a man being beaten, gagged and possibly having his fingernail or an entire finger removed.

Business Insider reports that the estimated value of China's black market is $261 billion. That's larger than the entire gross national income of several nations, according to information provided by the Nations Online Project.

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