Chinese military uses flamethrower to combat wasp nest (VIDEO)

The Sideshow

Most people have heard some variation of the saying "never bring a knife to a gunfight." But the Chinese government seems to have taken that to a heated extreme. This video shows three soldiers using a powerful flamethrower to douse a tree reportedly filled with wasps:

Apparently, the wasps had already killed one man in the small village of Jiangjin Tsz Wan Yuen Tsuen and had stung dozens of others before the military was called in. As the KTLA anchor asks near the end of the video, "What would they have done if there was like, I don't know, bears in the neighborhood?"

You can watch an extended video of the sequence from this Chinese TV station, which shows the giant wasp nest in greater detail and includes some interviews with locals and military officials reacting to the incident: