Clear your calendars: Viking apocalypse scheduled for Saturday

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Now's the time to cash out your life insurance policy and have a little fun, because, according to Norse mythology, the world is ending this Saturday.

Sorry to be a bummer, but you should know we're about 100 days into an epic battle that will culminate with the earth falling into the sea, NPR explains.

On the bright side, at least you'll have an excuse for not going to your nephew's Chuck E. Cheese's party on Sunday.

For those whose understanding of Norse mythology begins and ends with the Marvel Comics' version of "Thor," the story behind Ragnarok, aka the "Viking apocalypse," or "doom of the gods," is arguably more spectacular and imaginative than anything Hollywood could dream up.

Here's what's coming, according to Time magazine. On Saturday a huge battle commences among the various Norse gods. All the heavy hitters will be in attendance — Thor, Odin and Loki to name but a few. 

They'll fight (and when gods fight, it gets messy). Eventually, the Earth will split open, explains. Residents of the underworld will surface. 

Fortunately, you'll be long gone — meaning all your worries about mortgages and breakups and thinning hair will be but a sweet memory lost to the mists of time. To put a positive spin on things.

NPR reports that in York, England, "Viking enthusiasts" are gathering at the Jorvik Viking Festival for a parade and mock battle. Experts from the Jorvik Viking Centre in the U.K. have predicted the world's end on Feb. 22, the Independent reports.

We're betting the sun will still rise in the East on Sunday morning (the Y2K faux-pocalypse turned us cynical), but we recommend you have a good time on Friday night. Just in case.

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