Cops bark like dogs, trick burglary suspects into surrendering

Some cops in Connecticut are more bark than bite. But their animal instincts were exactly what was called for in order to bring down a pair of suspected criminals.

WFSB reports on a pair of masked burglary suspects who had holed up inside a home in Connecticut and were refusing to cooperate with authorities. So, the cops decided the next logical move was issuing a threat to release dogs from their K-9 unit.

However, there was just one problem: None of the dogs were actually on the scene or available to be dispatched in the effort.

So, the New Have Police Department made due with their resources on hand; enlisting several of the dozen officers on site who barked like dogs in an effort to convince the two suspects that a pack of vicious dogs were chomping at the bit, just waiting to be unleashed.

And, in a surprising development, it actually worked. After the men heard the cops barking, they emerged from the home and surrendered to police.

Needless to say, McGruff the Crime Dog would be proud.

“These cops were trained to do stuff like that, right?” said an impressed sounding local resident, Gideon Gurley after witnessing the incident. "I guess that was the best technique to do what they needed to do to get people out."

The suspects, Kwame Wells-Jordan, 20, and Norman Boone, 23, have been charged with car theft and burglary with additional charges expected to be forthcoming.