At the corner of Klingon and Romulan courts in suburban Sacramento

The Sideshow

Do you know the difference between a Klingon and a Romulan? "Star Trek" fans do, and for decades they have debated their allegiances between the alien species.

For some Californians, however, they’re just names intersecting at a small corner of Sacramento.

KXTV News 10 reports that while space might be the final frontier famously referenced in the opening of “Star Trek,” Sacramento has long been home to a street corner bearing the names of the saga's most famous alien races.

The unusually named intersection received some renewed attention when a man named Bob Blaylock posted photos of it on Panoramio. The photos also became a hot topic on the social media site Reddit, where discussions of all things "Star Trek" pop up like multiplying Tribbles.

"I want to meet the guy or the person who decided to do this. I really do," local resident Simone Kyles told the station. And if he had the opportunity to talk to that individual? "I would say, 'What were you thinking?'"

An anonymous city planner named the streets in June 1977. At the time, the "Star Trek" saga was experiencing something of a lull. The original series had been off the air for nearly a decade, and the first motion picture in the series was still two years away from its debut.

During those lean "Star Trek" years, the saga continued on through the efforts of die-hard “Trekkers” who pushed for Paramount to resurrect creator Gene Roddenberry’s chronicle of interstellar exploration in the 24th century.

Another resident, Mike Lee, whose home is literally at the intersection of the two streets, said he was unaware of their science fiction roots before being interviewed by the station.

Still, there are certain advantages to living on a street with such a popular name. For example, almost no one will have trouble remembering your address when they plug the coordinates into their GPS.

"It is because it's like, Klingon, and everybody's like, 'Klingon, isn't that like Star...' I was like, 'Yes it is, it's Star whatever, but just come down the street anyway, you know, that's the street I live on,'" an exasperated Kyles explained to KXTV.

And while the earthly intersection of Klingon and Romulan courts is said to be quite lovely, we’d humbly suggest you avoid making an appearance in an actual Klingon court. We’ve heard those things can be brutal.