Courage of three cancer-fighting girls captured in photograph

'Sometimes strength comes in knowing that you are not alone'

A photograph of three young girls battling different forms of cancer has drawn hundreds of comments and  thousands of likes and shares on Facebook.

The photo, taken by Lora Scantling, shows 3-year-old Rylie, 6-year-old Rheann and 4-year-old Ainsley sharing a tender moment. They didn't know each other before the photo was taken, but their bond seems timeless.

Rylie is battling kidney cancer. Rheann has brain cancer. Ainsley is fighting a form of leukemia. The three girls have already come a long way and are sure to continue to fight, knowing they aren't alone.

"I just wanted something that showed the strength and the bond and that they weren't alone," Scantling told

Rheann's mom, Valeria Franklin, told KOCO, "The girls had a lot of fun. ... It was just very moving watching their bond form."

You can follow Rheann, Ainsley  and Rylie on Facebook.

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