Cranky kinkajou captured in Texas


Kinkajous look adorable, but their teeth are large and razor-sharp. So it's no surprise that when the South American mammal was discovered rooting around a rooftop in Wise County, Texas, it scared the homeowners and nearby residents. Worse, it went on to bite a deputy.

According to local news station MyFoxNews, the responding deputy was bitten through his puncture-proof gloves while attempting to capture the cranky mammal, which was then taken to a nearby animal shelter. The kinkajou immediately escaped the confines of its cage and began bothering a bunch of cats before being recaptured.

Authorities speculate that their “suspect,” whom they dubbed "Rat," was a pet that had been turned loose or escaped.

While initially identified as a monkey, the kinkajou is related to the raccoon and is generally nocturnal.

Rat is being quarantined and watched for rabies. Then Animal Control must determine what to do with the bad-tempered exotic animal.