Shelter dog who fell out of truck onto I-95 found alive 11 days later (VIDEO)

A dog who was thrown onto I-95 in Florida after his crate fell off an animal control truck nearly two weeks ago has been found alive.

"Tails and tongues are wagging in Flagler County today," anchorman Jim Payne said at the top of a report on Orlando's WESH-TV.

Rondo, a Labrador mix, and another dog were being transported from a Jacksonville Adopt-a-Thon in the back of an animal control pickup heading southbound in St. Augustine, Fla., on July 13 when their cage accidentally opened. Rondo fell out of the crate and took off, animal control officials said. The pooch was spotted by a passing motorist on Tuesday near the same stretch of highway, albeit on the northbound side.

He has been returned to the Flagler Humane Society, where officials are still trying to determine how Rondo survived 11 days on the lam.

"He's the first dog ever to be happy to come back," one worker at the shelter told WESH.

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