‘Eastwooding’ makes the rounds on the Web

Claudine Zap
The Sideshow

Clint Eastwood was the surprise speaker at the Republican convention. And the "Dirty Harry" actor's rambling speech didn't make everybody's day. The 82-year-old gave an ad-libbed talk to an empty chair on stage that was supposed to be President Obamaor where he was sittingor something.

It didn't take long for Obama's furniture stand-in to take on a life of its own. Cue the "Eastwooding" Web meme.

Immediately, Clint Eastwood became a trending topic on Twitter as commenters poured out their thoughtsand let their imaginations run wild.

From Brent Spiner ‏@BrentSpiner, "After watching Clint Eastwood's speech last night at the RNC, I'm voting for the chair. "

Chris Rock (yes, that Chris Rock) ‏@chrisrockoz posted, "Clint Eastwood on the phone with Obama now: 'It all went according to plan,sir.'"

@BorowitzReport wrote, "A new poll reveals that Romney trails Clint Eastwood's empty chair after convention."

Ken Jennings ‏@KenJennings added,
"An LA cop friend tells me Clint Eastwood has been driving alone in the HOV lane 'with the President' for YEARS. "

Funny Or Die jumped in with a gallery of some of the best images, noting that Eastwood gave "a stern lecture to a chair," and picking up on some of the best chair memes, many of which involved the Eastwood/Chair ticket for 2012.

A fake Simpsons cartoon image shows Grandpa Simpson in a newspaper clipping with the headline, "Old man yells at chair."

And a Shepard Fairey version of the 2008 "Hope" poster was circulating with an image of a chair instead of Obama.

Suzanne Munshower ‏@expatina asked,
"I have one question: Was the mystery guest Clint Eastwood or the Invisible Obama?"

Simon Pegg ‏@simonpegg posted,
"Woken up to excited chatter in the US. Apparently Clint Eastwood had an argument with an empty chair regarding its political standpoint. "

FastLaugh ‏@FastLaugh tweeted,
"Give Clint Eastwood a break... The RNC asked him to speak about ObamaCare and he thought they said ObamaChair..."

Obama's Twitter feed, @BarackObama responded with the post:
"This seat's taken " and a photo of the commander-in-chief  in a chair with the plaque "The President." It's been retweeted more than 40,000 times.