Egg-throwing hostilities end in murder

What started as two neighbors throwing eggs at each other's apartments ended with the death of an innocent man stabbed in the back.

The San Antonio Express reports that 32-year-old Juan Antonio Rivera has entered a guilty plea to murder after he allegedly stabbed Michael Washington, 31, in the back with a kitchen knife.

Sadly, Washington wasn't even part of the original egging incident. Sometime after the neighbors had egged each others' apartments, Washington was escorting one of the participants home when he was attacked.

By entering the plea, Rivera reached an agreement in which he will reportedly not receive a sentence of greater than 33 years in prison. The paper reports that defense attorney Wayne Hampton said he would have argued that Rivera feared for his life when one of his neighbors threatened to have him killed over the egging incident.

In most areas, egging is technically a criminal offense. Seattle P.I. reports that people who throw eggs directly at another person can be charged with assault, though most cases of egging a car or piece of property would technically be vandalism.

However, people have previously been hurt from direct egging assaults. Local affiliate WABC reported in 2005 that a 13-year-old boy was blinded in one eye after being hit in the eye while out trick-or-treating on Halloween. A nurse in Dublin was also blinded in one eye after being hit in the face by an 18-year-old boy who was out egging with friends back in 2009.

Several famous public figures have been the victim of egging attacks, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer.

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